Palazzuolo sul Senio


Legend has it that the woman portrayed on the town crest is Marzia, also known as Cia (1317-1381) the granddaughter of Maghinardi Pagani and the wife of the Lord of Forlì, Francesco Ordelaffi.
In Palazzuolo sul Senio every year we can enjoy “Medioevo alla corte degli Ubaldini”(Middle Ages in the Ubaldini court), the historical re-enactment of when the feudal lords ruled the town.
Today the 14th century Palazzo dei Capitani houses the Upper Mugello Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Mountain Folk.
The numerous restaurants that line the streets of the town centre serve delicious local cuisine, both sweet and salty, which is influenced by local dishes of the nearby Romagna. From the town centre, SOFT trail 16 leads to the remains of Castellaccio and the village of Lozzole, both Ubaldini military districts and both surrendered to Florence and then demolished at the end of the 14th century.

In the surrounding area we find the Santuario della Madonna delle Nevi di Quadalto (15th century) and the Badia di Susinana, which is a villa-farm complex today. It was founded in roughly 1050; and in 1302 Maghinardo Pagani was buried there. The actual site of the tomb is unknown, but legend has it that it is touched by a ray of sunlight once a year during the spring equinox.

Photo credits: Comune di Palazzuolo sul Senio