From Ravenna, the route enters Mugello near GAMBERALDI. In medieval times it was the castle of Maghinardo Pagani. At his death the land passed into the hands of his brother Ugolino and, therefore, the Ubaldini who, in 1362, surrendered it to Florence.
From Gamberaldi, along trail 619, we reach Palazzuolo sul Senio.
From the town centre, SOFT trail 16 leads to the remains of Castellaccio and the village of Lozzole, both Ubaldini military districts and both surrendered to Florence and then demolished at the end of the 14th century.
From GAMBERALDI the route leads across the mountains to MARRADI, where it crosses the Dante’s train line.

Hiking path

Maghinardo Pagani was Lord of the  ROCCA di CASTELLONCHIO fortress which still dominates Marradi and the entire valley. The walk to the “Castellone” (big castle) is one that the people of Marradi are known to take often. It is an easy excursion suited to everyone: by taking trail 525, which departs from behind the Cardeto church and cemetery, located between the centre of Marradi and the locality of Biforco.
From MARRADI the route leads to Badia di Santa Reparata (BADIA DEL BORGO), which was a Benedictine abbey in 1025.
Continuing along the Cammino di Dante, we reach the ancient EREMO DI GAMOGNA, on Alpe di San Benedetto. This hermitage was founded by San Pier Damiani in 1053 and it was used for spitual rites by the monks of the BADIA DELLA VALLE, that stands just below it and can be reached by taking trail 521/A and a dirt road.
Continuing from GAMOGNA along the route we reach SAN BENEDETTO IN ALPE. This Benedictine abbey can be reached on foot from the town by travelling along via Dante Alighieri, named after the poet who came here at the beginning of the 14th century. At just a short distance we find the Cascata dell’Acquacheta;

You can reach the fall from the town by travelling along trail 407 along the Acquacheta stream until it reaches the Lavane.
From Acquacheta, the route leads to San Godenzo, where on June 8, 1302 Dante was among those who signed the agreement between the noble families who were exiled from Florence and the Ubaldini.
From San Godenzo the route leads to the Archaeological site in Frascole and then to Dicomano, and from here to Montebonello, Rufina and Pontassieve.