In the first part of the school year, the 3ASG class – specializing in Services for Hotel Hospitality, Food and Beverages – worked on the Divine Comedy and on the link between Dante and the Mugello region.
The class focused on Dante’s life and its connection with the Mugello valley, following the research advice provided by Enrico Faini, professor of the University of Florence. The learning path included a few select passages by authors such as Alessandro Barbero, Marco Santagata and Giulio Ferroni, along with a meeting with professor Elisa Pruno, archaeologist at the University of Florence, in partnership with the Library of Borgo San Lorenzo.

This project arose from the desire to bring the younger generations closer to Dante’s culture, which lies at the heart of our region. Retracing Dante’s steps, the learning experience rediscovered the places and characters of the Mugello valley, mentioned by the Supreme Poet in the Divine Comedy.

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