North of Sant’Agata lay the main fortress of the Ubaldini family, Montaccianico Castle, “the castle was beautiful surrounded by two walls, the strongest and the most beautiful, and the richest of the Tuscan countryside” (Marchionne di Coppo Stefani).

The military expedition made up of Ghibellines, White Guelphs and the Ubaldini clan lead by Scarpetta degli Ordelaffi departed from and quickly returned to Montaccianico in March 1303, as reported in the chronicles of the time (Giovanni Villani, Cronica, II, 30).
Dante’s was also thought to be present there after the San Godenzo convention of 1302 when the castle became the political and military centre of the Ghibellines and the exiled White Guelphs in their battle against Florence. However, in 1251 the fortress was already the site of a battle between the Guelphs and a Ghibelline coalition captained by the Ubaldini; and between 1280 and 1286 it hosted numerous Ghibellines, among whom we find the Uberti. The war against Florence lasted until 1306 when the castle fell in ruins due to corruption and conflicts within the Ubaldini family, and it was destroyed by Florence.
Montaccianico is an important archaeological site today and the object of a specific excavation project and historical study.

Photo Credits: Archivio Mu.S.A.Musei Sant’Agata